About Us

Handmade with passion

At JOJOMAMA we create a workflow and breakdown the resin making process for PWD adults with guidance

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Concept and Planning

Design and creativity of every product is managed by founder mom, who is a practicing Interior Architect with a strong background in art, design & architecture. A workplan is created before rolling out for PWD to work on.

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Resin Mixing

PWD are trainned alongside their caregivers with resin mixing process. It is a wonderful learning and bonding process for them. It also provide respite to caregivers as their special needs child learn and progresses at their own pace.

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Process specifically design for PWD

Template and task flow are established at every new product development as we work with our differently-abled artisans. We customized template and workflow for every artisan. They just need to follow step by step, layers by layers to complete the item


Finishing Touch

The final process of touch up and checking is needed before leaving the resin to cast. Jojomama takes pride that our artisans deliver very good quality handmade products for our customers.

an INCLUSIVE craft & gift shop for public & corporates

Jojomama is a platform where we garner, showcase and sell the creative efforts of our Special Needs artisans in our community. It is our heart’s desire to keep this special group of young adults (above 18 years of age) meaningfully engaged while providing them with an income as well as an avenue to boost their self-esteem and confidence. The handcrafted pieces we produce range from coasters and trinkets to bag charms. We also custom art pieces and corporate gifts to order. Each piece is individually handmade and unique. Through the work at Jojomama, we also hope to create more awareness of the special people among us and engage public and businesses who have a passion for inclusivity to come alongside us as partners in this adventure. Our affordable and unique gifts are ideal for gifting corporate clients and employees. You could commission custom-made gifts simply by picking from our existing products and adding your logo or requesting a new product series. Our founder is a practicing interior architect, she and her team will create new design and work process for every commission right down to the packaging. We have received many 5 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating on all our products! Every purchase provides meaningful work for our differently-abled artisans. We believe every one of them is Different, NOT Less, they will find their place in this society.